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Primarydrive / Raceclutch





CRG Clutch Levers

The worlwide highest Quality full adjustable Brake- and Clutchlevers for Buells. Not only for the Racetrack. lso available as Shortys. More Info >>>

S1 M2 S3X1XB

Superlightweight Motorsprocket

Highperformance Engines always have one enemy: The weight of the rotating masses. Special at the crankshaft all weight counts multiple. This Motorsprockets are milled out of one full block of Aircraftaluminium, they are hardanodised and they came in various sizes. Now you can calculate your own ratios beginning at the primary drive. No more bad ratio compromises because of problems on the secondary drive side. The sprockets have holes and threads to accept alternator rotor. We also offer Primary Chains in all length, prices are 174,00 €.

26 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38

Superlightweight Clutch Basket

Now we offer also an Aluminium Clutch Basket milled out of best and strongest Aircraft Aluminium. The Startersprocket ist made in Steel, we deliver the Clutchbasket with or without Startersprocket. Fits with all OEM and Aftermarketparts in OEM Specifications.


Slipperclutch for HD Sportster / Buell

This is the ultimate answer for real roadracers. Also XBRR applications


Ballanced lightweight Crankshafts

No Highperformance Engine will resist longer time the vibrations of a OEM Crankshaft. Earlyer or later any serious Racer ask for a balanced Crankshaft. We offer now ready balanced Crankshafts based on new OEM Parts. The Crankshafts are lighter, balanced and kniveedged for less Oilsplashing. Also available is polishing of stock Conrods or you can order Carrillo Rods. All Crankshafts are made on Request based on your needs and engine specifications. Ask us for an detailed offer.


We would like to point out that the Names of Buell™ and Harley-Davidson™, EVO™, Evolution™, Sportster™, V-Rod™, TwinCam™, Ulysses™, Firebolt™, Lightning, White Lightning™ as well as many other trademarks and logos are mentioned on our pages are the property of the respective companys and they are used from us in the acception of their rights only to precise the usability of our offers . We are not an authorized Dealer of Buell™ or Harley-Davidson™. All content , pictures, design and the sitectructure of thisWebsite stand under our copyrights.